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Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

  • Extensive estate plans
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Power of attorney arrangements
  • Advance health care directives
  • Final wills and testaments
  • Trusts tailored for special needs individuals
  • Irrevocable special-use trusts
  • Strategizing business succession plans
  • Establishing asset protection entities
  • Crafting estate plans for non-citizens

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I will address all of your inquiries and attentively listen as you share your goals, concerns, and objectives.


I will provide a comprehensive comparison of your options, including a detailed analysis of wills versus trusts, empowering you to make informed decisions that are best for your family.


I will provide a comprehensive comparison of your options, including a detailed analysis of wills versus trusts, empowering you to make informed decisions that are best for your family.


I will address all of your inquiries and attentively listen as you share your goals, concerns, and objectives.


I will provide a comprehensive comparison of your options, including a detailed analysis of wills versus trusts, empowering you to make informed decisions that are best for your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about Christopher Chin?

Attorney Christopher Chin's estate planning practice focuses on assisting individuals and families in making crucial decisions today to prevent unnecessary pain and conflict in the future. He comprehends the complexities of the estate planning process and guides his clients to ensure the well-being of their loved ones and the fulfillment of their final wishes.

Christopher received his Bachelor of Arts from York University in Toronto and graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law School with a J.D. and the University of Windsor Faculty of Law with a LL.B. With prior private practice experience in New York City, Christopher possesses a unique set of qualifications to navigate his clients through the often perplexing realm of estate planning.

Christopher has experience in various areas of law including real estate, general business and immigration. He has won dozens of asylum cases for clients and assisted multiple people obtain their permanent resident card and citizenship. Christopher was a part-time Administrative Law Judge for the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.

Christopher is also U.S. Army Veteran serving in Operation Enduring Freedom. He is currently a Judge Advocate for the New York Air Nationial Guard.

He is admitted to practice law in New York. During his leisure time, Christopher enjoys spending time with his family which includes many trips to Disney Parks around the world!

How can I learn more about the Law Office of Christopher Chin?

The Law Office of Christopher Chin is a boutique law firm based in Albany, NY. We specialize in creating comprehensive estate plans for individuals residing in New York. Additionally, we provide assistance in the Capital Region for those seeking real estate, business and immigration legal representation.

For more information, you can email Christopher at chris@chrischinlaw.com or schedule an appointment!

What is our general process?

We have a straightforward, 3-step process designed to facilitate the creation and signing of your trust and other estate planning documents within a timeframe of 6-8 weeks:

  • Step 1: Participate in the Peace of Mind Planning Session. Before our meeting, you will complete a secure online questionnaire called the "Family Profile." This will enable us to optimize our time together. During the Zoom session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your available options and our transparent flat fees. When you're ready to proceed, we will send you an engagement letter and invoice via email. Both documents can be conveniently executed online.
  • Step 2: Engage in the Estate Plan Design Meeting. In this phase, we will work diligently, taking into account the information provided in your Family Profile, to craft your trust and other essential estate planning documents. Following this session, I will prepare a draft of your documents, which will be sent to you for review approximately two weeks later. We will incorporate any changes or updates you desire. Once everything meets your satisfaction, we will coordinate an in-person Signing Ceremony.
  • Step 3: Attend the Signing Ceremony. During this crucial event, you will formally sign your documents in the presence of two witnesses and a notary, ensuring adherence to the necessary legal formalities. You can choose to hold the ceremony either at our office or in the comfort of your own home. After the documents have been executed, we remain available for complimentary and unlimited lifetime consultations regarding your estate plan.

If you have any further inquiries or would like to commence the process, please feel free to contact us.

What can I expect from my Peace of Mind Planning Session?

As an attorney, I prioritize active listening and ensuring your complete understanding of the available options before making any decisions. It is my commitment to provide comprehensive guidance and address all your concerns. I believe in the importance of allowing you to express yourself and ensuring that your questions are answered. It is essential that you feel heard and empowered throughout the process.

Moreover, I understand the significance of transparency in our client interactions. We will review our process, flat fees, and the overall client experience to provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect. This ensures that you have a complete picture of the services and the associated investment.

Rest assured that as your attorney, my objective is to provide you with the utmost support and knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence.

What are the initial steps to get started?

Once you are prepared to proceed, whether during your Peace of Mind Planning Session or at a later time, please inform me, and we will promptly send you an engagement letter using DocuSign. Additionally, an invoice will be forwarded to you through our secure online payment provider, LawPay. Taking care of these administrative matters will allow you to move forward smoothly. Following the completion of these tasks, you will be able to schedule your Estate Plan Design Meeting at your convenience.

What kind of information do you need from me?

Let me begin by clarifying what we do NOT require from you. We do not need account statements, social security numbers, or tax returns. Instead, we do need information regarding the nature of your assets (such as a house, retirement account, life insurance, etc.), their approximate value, and their ownership structure (jointly, individually, etc.).

Apart from that, we simply require your input regarding your personal estate planning preferences, which include:

  • Your preferred choice for the guardian of your minor children if something were to happen to you and your spouse or partner.
  • The individual you wish to designate as the responsible party for managing your children's finances until they are capable of handling it themselves.
  • Your desired representative for making medical and financial decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity.

Please do not worry if you do not have immediate answers to these questions. You will have ample time to consider and contemplate these matters throughout the process.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the essential process of establishing legal documents to ensure that designated individuals are appointed to manage your well-being, your children, your assets, and your finances in the event of your incapacitation or death. It also involves specifying the beneficiaries who will inherit your assets upon your passing. An "estate plan" encompasses all the necessary documents required to achieve these objectives.

Even if you currently do not have a will or trust, it's important to recognize that you already have an estate plan in place. However, in the absence of your own specific instructions, the state of New York has predetermined a default plan for your family and assets. Estate planning involves actively choosing to "opt out" of the default plan and implementing your own personalized wishes instead. By doing so, you can ensure that your desires and intentions are honored and that your loved ones are taken care of according to your preferences.

How much does estate planning cost?

Determining the exact cost of estate planning without understanding the specifics of your situation is challenging. Estate planning is a highly personalized process, and there may be various factors and nuances unique to your circumstances that need to be considered. To provide you with an accurate quote, we require more information about your specific needs and goals.

During the Peace of Mind Planning Session, we extensively discuss our fees and walk you through the entire process. We believe in transparency and fairness, which is why we offer flat fees instead of hourly billing. This approach ensures that you have a clear understanding of your investment from the beginning. Additionally, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our services, we will take the necessary steps to address your concerns or provide a refund.

It is important to note that we recommend estate planning only if the potential savings and benefits from having an estate plan outweigh the cost of our services. Our goal is to provide you with the most value and peace of mind possible.

How long does the process take?

Our carefully designed process aims to have your estate planning documents signed within a timeframe of 6-8 weeks, starting from the date of your Peace of Mind Planning Session. The exact duration can vary depending on factors such as your availability, the time it takes for you to review the draft documents, and any necessary revisions.

We understand the importance of allowing you sufficient time to thoroughly review and consider your draft documents. Your input and feedback are essential in ensuring that the final estate plan accurately reflects your wishes and preferences. Our team will work closely with you throughout the process to accommodate your schedule and facilitate a smooth and efficient document signing process.

Rest assured, we will strive to maintain clear communication and provide timely updates to ensure that your estate planning journey progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Can I sign my documents with DocuSign?

Estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and others must be signed with specific formalities to be legally valid. This involves signing in person, in the presence of two witnesses and a notary, who confirm your lucidity, identity, and the proper execution of the documents. Any future changes to the documents will also require the same legal formalities.

What kind of clients do you accept?

To ensure that we provide a high level of service to each family, we intentionally limit the number of clients we take on each month. We are dedicated to working with individuals who value our advice and are committed to establishing a long-term working relationship.

If you are solely focused on finding the cheapest attorney available, not interested in investing time to learn and understand your options, or uncomfortable completing the Family Profile before our session, we may not be the right law firm for you. However, we are more than willing to provide a referral to a lawyer who may better suit your needs.

Our priority is to work with clients who appreciate the value of comprehensive legal guidance and are willing to actively participate in the estate planning process.

Why do I need a living trust?

When it comes to estate planning, you have two main options: a will-based plan or a living trust-based plan. While both serve the purpose of distributing your assets, the majority of my clients opt for a living trust.

A living trust is a legal document that designates a chosen individual to manage your assets in the event of your incapacitation and distribute them to your family after your passing. It is generally preferred over a will because it is specifically designed to avoid the time-consuming, costly, and public process of probate, which a will cannot bypass.

It often surprises my clients to learn that wills do not prevent probate court proceedings; in fact, they guarantee it.

During the comprehensive Peace of Mind Planning Session, I delve into the differences between wills and living trusts in detail. By the end of the session, many clients find themselves questioning why anyone would choose a will over a living trust. However, the ultimate decision regarding which option to pursue rests with you and your preferences.

What is probate?

Probate is the legal process supervised by the court for administering an individual's estate after their death. In the absence of a will, probate is necessary to distribute the assets among the heirs. However, even if you have a will, your estate still needs to go through probate. The only effective way to avoid probate is by utilizing a revocable living trust.

So, what makes probate undesirable? Firstly, even a simple probate process can be time-consuming, often taking years to complete. Additionally, probate expenses can consume a significant portion of the estate assets, typically ranging from 5% to 7%. Moreover, probate is a public proceeding, making your will accessible to anyone interested in viewing it.

On the other hand, a living trust is specifically designed to bypass the probate process entirely. By establishing a revocable living trust, you can ensure a more efficient and private transfer of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries upon your passing.

Is a simple Will enough?

The expense and delays of probate apply to even a simple will, and it is not the complexity of the document itself that causes these issues but rather the probate process. That is why many clients opt for a living trust instead of a will. A living trust is specifically designed to simplify matters and completely bypass the probate process.

In the context of a comprehensive estate plan, a special type of will called a "pour-over" will can still be utilized. This pour-over will serves the purpose of appointing guardians for any minor children who are alive at the time of your passing. It ensures that your children will be cared for by individuals you trust, providing an added layer of protection within your overall estate plan.

Isn’t estate planning just for the wealthy?

There is a common misconception that estate planning is only relevant to individuals based on their wealth, marital status, or whether they have children. However, this is a myth that needs to be debunked.

Estate planning is not tied to the amount of money you possess or your family situation. It is the process of establishing legal documents that ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes when you pass away. The primary goal is to make things as smooth and stress-free as possible for your loved ones during a challenging time. This aspect of estate planning holds significance for everyone, regardless of their financial resources.

Moreover, estate planning also involves designating individuals to manage your property and make important healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. This is a critical aspect that holds value for every individual, irrespective of their wealth or financial standing. Taking control of these matters ensures that your best interests are protected and your desires are honored, regardless of your financial situation.

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney lets you appoint someone to manage your property in the event of your incapacity. You will name someone you trust implicitly as your “agent”. They will step into your shoes and pay your bills, file your taxes, manage your business, etc. if you cannot.

We include a power of attorney for both spouses in every estate plan we create.

What is a health care proxy?

A health care proxy allows you to appoint someone you trust to manage your medical decisions should you be unable to do so. A living will (not to be confused with a living trust or last will and testament) allows you to make certain medical decisions regarding end-of-life decisions, ahead of time.

We include a health care proxy and living will for both spouses in every estate plan we create.

Can we have a quick call before booking the Peace of Mind Planning Session?

Absolutely! I'm more than willing to schedule a brief, complimentary call with you prior to booking your Peace of Mind Planning Session. During this call, we can address any general inquiries you might have. Please note that discussions regarding fees will be reserved for the Peace of Mind Planning Session, where we can thoroughly discuss all aspects of our services and associated costs.

What if I need to update my estate planning documents?

Certainly! It's important to understand that a living trust can be modified or completely revoked while the creator is alive and of sound mind. Any appointed guardians for minor children can also be changed through an amendment, known as a "codicil," to your pour-over will.

However, it's worth noting that other estate planning documents, such as the power of attorney and health care proxy, are usually recreated when updates are needed, as it tends to be more cost-effective.

The key takeaway is that your estate planning documents are not set in stone and can be updated over time to align with changes in your life, assets, and applicable laws.

I’m not married – do I need an estate plan?

Estate planning is important for unmarried individuals too. Without proper planning, your assets may not be distributed according to your wishes. Having a Health Care Proxy and Financial Power of Attorney is essential for everyone.

How can I make sure my kids don’t get a big check on their 18th birthday?

Absolutely! Many parents prefer to have more control over how and when their children inherit their assets. Through proper estate planning, such as establishing a trust, you can set specific terms and conditions for the distribution of assets to your children. This allows you to ensure that they receive their inheritance at a more appropriate age or in a structured manner that aligns with your wishes. We'll go over these options in detail during your Peace of Mind Planning Session.

How do I nominate legal guardians for my children?

In your Will or Pour-Over Will that accompanies your Revocable Living Trust, you have the opportunity to nominate legal guardians for your children. This crucial decision ensures that your children will be cared for by someone you trust in the event of your passing. Without naming guardians, a judge will determine who takes on this responsibility, potentially leading to disputes among family members.

At our firm, we take extra steps to assist you in nominating both short-term and long-term guardians for your children. This way, you have a plan in place for immediate care while the long-term guardians are officially appointed. Additionally, we can help you confidentially exclude individuals whom you would never want to be considered as potential guardians for your children.

Can’t I just do my will on Legal Zoom?

LegalZoom and law firms provide distinct services tailored to individual needs. LegalZoom offers self-service form documents without accompanying legal advice, while law firms offer personalized guidance, expert legal advice, and document customization. If you place importance on professional support, specialized expertise, and tailored assistance, engaging an attorney is advisable. Conversely, if you prefer a self-directed approach where legal advice is not a primary concern, LegalZoom could be a suitable option.

Do you work with families in all 50 states?

Estate planning is governed by state-specific laws, making it essential to work with an attorney licensed in your particular state. Christopher is licensed in New York,, enabling him to prepare estate planning documents for residents of New York. If you reside outside of these New York, please reach out to us, and we will gladly provide a referral to a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.

However, if you have immigration issues, we can assist you regardless of your location. We can also assist you with your real estate and business law matters which are based in New York.

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About Christopher

Christopher was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He did his undergraduate degree at York University. Afterwards, he did a dual law degree program in Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON where he earned his J.D. and LL.B.

Afterwards, Christopher moved to New York City where he focused on estate planning, immigration, real estate and business law. Christopher is also a U.S. Army veteran having served in Operation Enduring Freedom.

He is currently a Judge Advocate for the New York Air National Guard. Christopher and his wife moved to the Capital Region in 2015 where he currently works for the New York State Department of Health. He continues to practice estate planning and immigration law having clients across New York State. He looks forward to serving you!

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